…er. Q: Who is eligible for Work Services? A: Any Alaska Native or American Indian residing in the Municipality of Anchorage that is currently seeking employment, or has obtained employment with in the last 90 days, and meets eligibility requirements. Q: How many bus passes can I receive? A:… More

Employment Supportive Services

…ner organizations for a specified period of time. During that time, CITC will pay a portion or all of a participant’s salary while they gain valuable employment experience. Volunteer Work Experience: Volunteer Work Experience links participants with appropriate community work service opportunities… More

Employment Training & Services

…8217;s Employment Training and Services Department assists participants in achieving self-sufficiency by helping them find meaningful and sustainable employment as they progress through lifestyle changes and enhance their communication, life management, vocational and academic skills. CITC provides… More

Alaska’s People Career Development Center

…evelopment is co-located at the CITC Career Development Center and partners with CITC staff to offer services to assist job seekers with training and employment. The center also helps individuals strengthen their educational qualifications by providing GED preparation classes and special… More

Community Impact

…bal non-profits, universities, vocational training centers, employers, and Native corporations, CITC is able to provide a wider array of training and employment assistance opportunities. During FY2015, CITC’s integrated employment and training services produced the following results: 202… More

Partnership Welds Individual Potential to Life-long Careers

…e Career Development Center at CITC. Six out of the 10 students participating in the first round of training, which ended Oct. 31, have already found employment as full-time apprentices. Hiratsuka vividly remembers Clinton, who was one of two students hired in only the second week. Six out of the… More

Tribal Training Grant

…B) from the Bureau of Indian Affairs or proof of tribal enrollment. All applicants for the Tribal Training Grant must apply in person at CITC’s Employment and Training Services Department located on the third floor of our Nat’uh Service Center in Anchorage (on People Mover bus routes 15… More

What We Do

…rvices provide comprehensive school-to-life transition planning, and referral and advocacy services for our students and their families. Finding Jobs Employment Training Services (ETSD) and assist participants in achieving self-sufficiency through finding meaningful and sustainable employment…. More

Youth Services

…s youth with educational needs, including high school completion, GED attainment ,and scholarship and/or related referrals. The program also provides employment skills training, including resume building, interviewing skills, career and training exploration, supported work experience and job… More

Intensive Case Management

ICM provides service coordination for housing, employment and other vital, intense-need services for Alaska Native and American Indian individuals residing in the Municipality of Anchorage. Depending upon the reason, an Intensive Case Manager can assist participants in finding resources that may… More