Coaches for Success

…rying to change to meet that need.” “A need for something in-between” On the third floor of the Nat’uh Service Center, participants already meet with Employment Specialists, who refer them to jobs or help them create employment plans, or Intensive Case Managers, who coordinate services that enable… More

One-Stop Shopping at the Nat’uh Service Center

…people have the tools they need.” “I chose CITC and, because of that, I’m living a better life.” In Harold’s case, that meant creating an employment plan with the help of his Employment Specialist. To look for work, he visited the Alaska’s People Career Development Center on the third… More


…er. Q: Who is eligible for Work Services? A: Any Alaska Native or American Indian residing in the Municipality of Anchorage that is currently seeking employment, or has obtained employment with in the last 90 days, and meets eligibility requirements. Q: How many bus passes can I receive? A:… More

Partnership Is the Key

…Native employment agency. “The thing that stands out the most about Kayla is that her case has been touched and worked on by people across the entire Employment and Training Services Department,” said BreeAnn Davis, a CITC job coach who has worked with Kayla on finding employment opportunities…. More

Employment Supportive Services

…ner organizations for a specified period of time. During that time, CITC will pay a portion or all of a participant’s salary while they gain valuable employment experience. Volunteer Work Experience: Volunteer Work Experience links participants with appropriate community work service opportunities… More

Employment Training & Services

…8217;s Employment Training and Services Department assists participants in achieving self-sufficiency by helping them find meaningful and sustainable employment as they progress through lifestyle changes and enhance their communication, life management, vocational and academic skills. CITC provides… More

A Step in the Right Direction

…he has brought his grades up from Ds and Fs to Bs and Cs, with the support of CITC’s Schoolyard program and the encouragement of his coworkers in the Employment Services and Training Department (ETSD), where Sam works two and a half hours every weekday through Youth Services as an intern. “Youth… More

“Jill” of All Trades

…ant with BIA’s Human Services department. CITC works closely with a variety of organizations and institutions to provide a wide array of training and employment assistance opportunities for people like Whitney. SWEs made possible by partner employers are just one piece of CITC’s integrated… More

Community Impact

…ons, CITC is able to provide a wider array of training and employment assistance opportunities to its participants: Over 600 job seekers find gainful employment through CITC employment programs each year. Almost 300 participants are empowered to move from welfare programs to employment each year…. More

Alaska’s People Career Development Center

…evelopment is co-located at the CITC Career Development Center and partners with CITC staff to offer services to assist job seekers with training and employment. The center also helps individuals strengthen their educational qualifications by providing GED preparation classes and special… More